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The Carothers Genealogy page is provided for researchers of Carothers genealogy. It is hoped that this page will provide a means for those researching Carothers genealogy to get in touch with each other. Carothers is spelled many different ways: Caruthers, Carruthers, Carrothers, Carithers, Cruthers, etc.

With the growth of genealogy websites, and search engines, I’ve decided this page is no longer needed.  I will continue to make this page available for reference, but I will no longer accept further additions.

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My paternal great grandmother was Jane Ann Carrothers who married Thomas Woodall Smitheman.  At the time of my grandfather's birth - the family was kiving in (west) Philadelphia.  My grandfather was Charles Nelson Smitheman.  His only sister was Isabelle Smitheman.  Any information on Jane Carrothers would be greatly appreciated!

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I am researching the family of James Carothers, Rev. War Vet, who died in Jessamine Co., KY in 1835.   He was born ca 1752 in VA and lived in NC.   Parents were supposedly Hugh Carothers and Sarah Purviance.     One of his children, Sally Carothers, married Jacob Wells, and moved from KY to Jackson County, IN ca 1820.   Close to the Wells family is William Carothers, who died ca 1826 and was married to Mary.   Was this the son of James Carothers?

I live close to Jessamine Co., KY.   I found a document in the court records from the late 1820's or early 1930's that shows that there was an infant daughter of a William Carothers named Elizabeth who eventually married a George True in Jess. Co., KY.     George was made the guardian first. 
Would like to figure this out.   This William may have gotten mixed up with a Tennessee branch of Carothers, but I am not sure I can say anything either way. 
Would love to share info.
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Robert Carruthers of Lancaster Co., PA.(Now Cumberland Co. West or East Pennsbough twp.?) He died in 1747 with a will and the Orphans Court Records Vital Records Volume 1 pg. 322.

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I am an ancestor of WILLIAM CARITHERS of Abbeville SC. I have documentation and will share out with anyone seeking this family.

1. WILLIAM CARITHERS b. Apr 12 1754 (do not know where) m. MARY MCGOWEN (b. Sept 8 1754 d. @1850 Chickasaw Miss. m. June 22 1779 "at a fort near the Savannah" dau of James and Eliz. McGowen of McGowens Ferry.

Children: All born in Abbeville SC.

2 Elizabeth Mar 28 1780

   Sarah b. June 17 1782


   Mathew b. June 22 1784  d. Aug 27 1840

   James D b. June 12 1786 d. Feb 8 1823

   William C  b. Oct 7 1788 d. May 27 1855  (My line)

   Samuel b. Feb 2 1791

   John S b. Aug 26 1793

   Hugh M b. Nov 26 1796

   Robert b. Mar 29 1800

Mary MCGowen appears on Mississippi Census living with her son ROBERT and applying for REV WAR Pension ..granted#6628


2. WILLIAM C CARITHERS m. Mary Ann Griffith  in Oglethorpe Ga @1812  she was born in Madison County Ga 1793 d. May 21 1851.....dau of:

Robert and Sarah (Brawner) Griffith..

Children..all born in Madison County Ga.

3. Robert Griffith Carithers b. April 17 1814 (m. Weeks)

   William Middleton Carithers b. Mar 11 1816 unmarr

   John Richmond Carithers b. Dec 25 1818 (Elizabeth Betsy Griffith)

   James Yancy Carithers b. Mar 16 1821 (Elizabeth Ball?)  (My line)

   Sarah Parolee Carithers b. Aug 24 1823 (Robt. Thos. Carithers)

   Hugh Alfred Carithers b. July 14 1827 (Mary Ann Griffith)

   Amanda Jane Carithers b. Nov 6 1830 (Dr. Berry Milhouse Thompson)

   Mary Frances Carithers b. Feb 26 1833 (Robert McEntire)

   Walton James Carithers b. Nov 17 1835 CSA (Elizabeth Hitchcock)


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I was born in McKeesport, Pa. (Allegheny Co.)  My father was Jesse Kelso (D-1964) and my mother was Edith Violet (McDowell) (D-1996).  My Grandfather was John Henderson Carothers married to a Cora B. Carothers. Both my father and Grandfather worked for the railroad (Pennsy & Union RR).  I know my grandfather had a brother named James ? (Jimmy) who was born in Scotland and came to the US with his parents when he was three.
Please let me know if you have any info relating to me or  if I can supply you with any additional info I may have.
Tom Carothers can be contacted at
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I am looking for any information on Robert Carruthers. He was born to Amy and Thomas Carruthers/Crothers in Reach Township Ontario abt 1880. He went to
Western Canada, married and had children, Edith, Gertrude, Artie, Jim and Lorne. I know they came home for a visit sometime in the 1930's or 40's, by
train and some of the children had a bout with scarlet fever. If anyone has any information at all I would love to hear from them.
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Desparately seeking info on Ann Carothers who married William White Horton. She lived her later life in Wells Tannery, PA. She died in the late 1890's. She is my great great grandmother. Seeking info on her parentage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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While researching Albert Case 1849 OH, we learned he was married to Margaret Griffith 1849 OH.  They married 1872 in OH.  Margaret's mother was Deborah Carruthers 1811 PA and she married Harrison Griffith.  Deborah's father was William Carruthers PA who was married to Susanna Ruby, dates of birth and marriage unknown.  Can you help?  These dates and references were taken off and sourced from the JV Thompson Journals, Vol 13, p. 566-570.  Thanks so much for your time.
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I am new to researching the Carothers connection within my family, I just received a copy of my grandfather's application for Social Security, listing Anna Carothers as his mother.  Anna was married to Conrad Fritz, and they resided in Pennsylvania.  Their children include, George Clark Fritz, Effie Fritz, Mary Alice Fritz, and a Charlie or Charles Fritz.  My grandfather, George, was born in Blacklick Twp., Indiana County Pennsylvania.  I have no idea where Anna and Conrad may have resided in Pennsylvania before Indiana County.  Any information anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. 

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I just recently discovered that I have Carothers ancestors. I am descended from Francis Carothers through his daughter Ann, who married Hugh McClintock. I would appreciate any assistance anyone can offer to help me get started on this line and to learn more about Francis and his daughter Ann.  I will be glad to share any information about Ann's descendants if that would be of interest.  Thanks!  Dublin, OH
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I am research my Great Grandmothers family, her name being Mary Jane Carrothers.  She was also known as Jenny or Jeannette.  She was born April
18, 1878, (location  unknown) and died March 1976 in the Mansfield, Ohio area.  She buried in a Tiro, Ohio cemetery in Crawford, Co., Ohio.  The names
of her parents are unknown but siblings names are Robert, Hattie, Emma, and Dee Ora.  Any information or guidance you could give would be appreciated.

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Hi looking for any Information on the Carothers family who came from Scotland went to Cumberland PA and into Franklin Ga and Craven co North Carolina,

settle in Hickman co Tenn. There are John, William, Andrew, William Howell and Amize. This is my family line.

Hi I am Deborah Carothers I am doing reach on my family. I have trace them to Howmaine, Scotland.  Starting with William Carruthers b-1682

his wife Joanna ( don't have a last name ) b-1686 , there are my 6Ggrandparents. John is their son b-1708 his wife is Content b-1712 in Cumberland

Pa . there son William b-1736 in Cumberland Pa.Looking for information on this line  any would be helpful.  Will share what I have.


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Searching for descendants of Robert CAROTHERS and Ann THOMSON b. 1805, Franklin Co., PA -- d. 1863, Allegheny Co., PA.  [Ann was a sister of my
Ggr-grf, Robert THOMSON, 1815--1883.]   Ann and Robert CAROTHERS were *probably* married in Allegheny Co., Pa, abt. 1825-30.  Who were their
children?  When were they married?  Any information will be greatly appreciated.  Religion thought to be Presbyterian, and were of Scottish descent.

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I am looking for information on Mrs. Lou Carruthers, possibly from GA, who once had a maid by the name of Patience Carruthers.  We know from obits that “Aunt Pate” was a freed slave.  She lived with my gggrandmother, Missouri Glover Cox (married to Taylor N. Cox) and her family in Alabama and Texas, until her death in the 1930’s in Cameron, TX, helping to raise at least two generations of my family.  I am trying to discover where the Carruther’s name fits into our family history.  Missouri’s middle initial was C., and her mother was Sarah, married to H.G. Glover in Alabama.  Any information was greatly appreciated.


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Very briefly, I am searching for a Robert Carruthers, born supposedly on PEI around 1842. He married Isabella Lang with whom he lived later in River John, Nova Scotia.  Do you ever come across people searching for this person, or his children (Mary, Jessie, Margaret, Emma, Catherine, James, Edward, Ada, Gertrude, Garfield, or Clifford)? I'm having a difficult time getting information about him.  Thanks for any help!

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My ggreatgrandfather was named Thomas Crothers (various spellings) Eaton and was born in Lancaster in 1814.  He was the second son of Captain Thomas and
Jane Adams Eaton.  Thomas and Jane were married 1811 by Rev. Clarkson, but the marriage is not showing in the records in St. James where Clarkson was
rector. There has been conjectured that they were married in Philadelphia.  Thomas was living in East Hempfield Twp. Lancaster Co. by 1827.  Jane died
in 1823 we believe in East Hempfield.
We do not know the families of either Thomas or Jane, except that Thomas seems to have had a brother Ezekiel and Jane had a sister Sarah that married Isaac Mowl from Washington Co., PA.
Based on naming customs we presume there was some connection between the Crothers family and either the  Eatons or Adamses.
I would be very happy to share data with anyone that can shed light on this.
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 1.  Julius1 Ives  (ThaddeusA, TimothyB, LazarusC, JohnD, JohnE, WilliamF) was born May 06, 1820 in CT, and died August 17, 1891 in Toulon, Stark Co., IL.  He married (1) Sarah L. Carothers.  She was born 1830 in New York.  He married (2) Eliza Newton May 11, 1850 in Stark Co., IL.  She was born August 1827 in VA, and died July 23, 1853 in Toulon, Stark Co., IL.

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Cambuslang, Scotland, is where my Carruthers family originated.   George and Ann Carruthers were married about 1887-1888 and they (and their family) arrived in America in 1922 when aged 66 and 64, from Cambuslang, Scotland.   I am endeavouring to establish Ann's maiden surname.   Can anyone help?

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My father was Donald Everett Carothers born 5/1/1919 in Logan Co., IL.  He died 1/1/2000 in Nashville, TN.  I was very curious to find Donald Carothers on
the web.  However, I immediately remembered that in our very small town in central Tennessee there was another Donald Carothers.  I hope that if you have any
information about my father's father Earl Ray or Ray Earl Carothers, you will email me.  I would be pleased to send you any information that I have that might be helpful to you.
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Im looking for Imfo on John Carothers, brn abt 1800-1820 , married Mary Morton brn abt 1816 in Ohio ( possibly , Pike Co. ) , they were married 6 Jul or 7 June 1831 in Vermillion , Illinois . Mary was the daughter of James McConnell Morton brn Abt 1873 Nashville , Davidson Co. , Ky. - died 1869 Cadiz Twnsp. , Green Co. , Wi. ,  and Mary  .M. Montgomery  brn Abt 1793 Kentucky - died 30 Mar 1864 Cadiz Twnsp. , Green Co , Wi. . They had 2 children that I know of Elizabeth brn 1831 in 10 mile Grove , Illinois - died 4 Feb 1853 probably in Illinois . And Thomas Carothers brn 1832 Vermillion Co. , IIlinois , married Abt 1849 to Susanna Morton ( Sister to Mary ) . any additional Imfo on any of theese people would be apreciated , I also have imfo to share on the Morton's , Kelly's , Trickle's , Hawthorne's , all theese families are very close and seem to have migrated together through Illinois , Ohio , Indiana , and Wisconsin . Ray Rupnow , Sun Prairie , Wi.

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Margaret is my gGrandmother. She was born around 1850 (a guess) and married John Cressler.  She was probably from near shippensburg PA since that is where John was from.  This is all the info I have and if anyone can make the connection I would appreciate any help.

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I'm researching the Gillispie and Stuart families. Each time that I check the internet the Carothers family comes up. Do you know of John and Martha Stuart Gillispie and their son John "Fed" Gillispie? If so please reply. John and Martha are my grgrparents.  I don't know of a connection with the Carothers family, but know little of Fed's family, but have much on his brothers' families.
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Seeking information on the Robert J. Carothers who married the widow of John Hodge Allcorn about 1860 in Washington Co. Texas. 

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I am seeking information on Ralzemon J. Carothers, b. abt. 1824 in New York.   He migrated to Hillsdale County, MI before 1854 when he married Mary Angeline Phelps, also of New York.  I'd like any information as to their families and location origin in New York.
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Byron Elwood Carruthers born 28 Nov 1868 died 15 Aug 1935 (Son of John Sullivan Carruthers and Mary Isabell Warrington) married on 25 Nov 1894 to Hattie Vell Dailey born 22 Nov 1874 died 4 Oct 1951 (daughter of Marion F. Dailey and Lucinda Sickles)

Byron and Hattie had 10 children and I'm a little confused about one. I was given information on the second oldest by 2 different places. I'll put them together here.
1. M- Francis Elwood b. 4 July 1895 d. 22 DEC 1948 m. 2 Nov  1914 to Mary Elizabeth Hein
2. M- John David b. 26 Feb 1898 OR Kenneth J. b. Feb 1898
3. F- Wilma Vell b. 24 Jan 1900 d. 13 Aug 1978 m. 5 July 1920 to Nathan Samuel Barker ****my grandparents***
4. F- Mable Gertrude Juanita b. 29 May 1905
5. F- Goldie Lucinda b. 4 July 1905
6. M- William Charles Edward Leroy b. 15 Sept 1907
7. M- Marion Franklin b. 28 July 1910 d. 13 April 1971 m. 21 Sept 1938 to Esther Orman
8. F- Elda Faye b. 13 July 1912
9. M- Arnold Romaine b. 11 Dec 1915 d. 14 Oct 1958 m. 1938 Alma Etta Weltch
10. F- Helen Luella b. 9 Dec 1916

The 1880 Federal Iowa Census showed John Sullivan Carruthers age 44 laborer born in Ohio -parents born in Va- Wife Mary age 38 born in MD - parents also born in MD- Children William 17- Edward 13 - Byron 11 - Leo A 9 - Charles P 7 - Ida 4 - Jessie E 3 - Nettie 7months. Mary Isabel Warrington Carruthers was born 16 June 1841 died 4 Feb 1909 married 22 May 1862 in Iowa to  John Sullivan Carruthers born about Sept 1837

If anyone can add to this I would be greatful for the help.
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I am researching the Carrothers/Carruthers family from the townlands of Bracky and Farnaght in Co Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. Eighteen brothers, sisters, and cousins immigrated to Upper Canada in the 1830s and 1840s.  I am particularly trying to locate a book called "The Descendants of Archibald Edward Carrothers" by Edward C. Webster, published by SIP Publications in Ontario, Canada in 1980.

My database on Archibald Carrothers 1692-1775 is located at:
My web site for the Descendants of Noble Carruthers 1809-1883 is:
John Carruthers can be contacted at

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I am looking for information pertaining to my great grandmother, Catherine Carruthers, who was born in Scotland around 1900, was orphaned there and sent to live in Ireland with her mother's relatives. She took up their name Gallagher and when at the age of 14 or 15 came to America alone and took up residence in Philadelphia. There she married into the Madison Family.

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I am seeking information on Riley J. Carothers, b. 1859 in Hillsdale County, MI.  Who were his parents, etc.  Riley migrated to Nebraska about 1880 or so.  He was married first, Janny Van Gordon or Van Gorders and second, Lena Ernstberger Harris.  Riley and Janny had a son named Homer.  Riley died in Beaver Crossing, NE in 1939.

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I am looking for information on the carothers family in michigan.  My father Robert Furney and I have done alot of research and searched the courthouse in Gratiot County Michigan for years.  My father is Robert d. Furney, his mother is Dorothy Carothers who is illigitimate...she was born in either Detroit of Canada, her mother never married the man..her mother is Margaret M. Carothers and margaret's father is daniel carothers of Gratiot County michigan, and his father is william valentine carothers who settled in gratiot county after the civil war and was given land here....he originally came from new york state.....if anyone can provide me anything please do..i will share what i is pretty extensive....I presently live in st louis michigan and my father is 80 and lives 3 blocks from me..we live 6 miles from the old carothers homesteads...

Julieanne Furney Kirksey can be contacted at and

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Looking for info on Carruthers,Marion F.,b 7/28/1910,d 4/13/1971,parents,m.Hattie(daily)Carruthers.

Marilyn Vojcihoski can be contacted at

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I am looking for information on my GGG Grandfather Robert Carothers and his wife, Polly Radford.  I believe he is the Robert listed in the 1840 Sodus, Wayne Co.,NY Census.  Their daughter, Maria "Polly" was born in Wayne County, NY in 1828.
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I am interested in anyone with information on the family line of :
Walter Car(r)others
Born: 19 DEC 1820 Nicadus, Harrison Co., OH
Died: 28 APR 1881 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
Married: 9 NOV 1843 , Richland Co., OH
Wife: Margaret Jane Bell
Born: 15 APR 1825 , , OH
Died: 4 SEPT 1911 San Jose, Santa Clara Co., CA
Kenneth E. Ratcliff can be contacted at:

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We are seeking information on my husband's grandfather John Henry CAROTHERS born about 1887 in Saxton, PA.  His father was named either Clarence or Clayton, a merchant who owned and rented his farmland.  John's father married Mary Catherine CARBAUGH, a midwife/nurse and they lived in Saxton.  John Henry was the youngest of their five children.  Two girls were named Otie and Helen (Carothers) TROUTMAN(who was PA's state historian for its 175th Anniversary.)
Marguerite Carothers, John's youngest daughter, says "Tennessee(Carrothsville?) may be the original home of the family on entry to the US.  At that time there were 9 in the family, 6 brothers.  One went to Canada during the Revolutionary War out of loyalty to the English King."  I have just begun to investigate the CAROTHERS and Bedford County records are scarce for this time frame.  Would appreciate any leads.
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I am caroline carruthers shengheer, searching for the family tree of carruthers. My father is robert carruthers, mother susan murphy. My grandfather robert carruthers his wife catherine mcneil. my great grandfather oliver carruthers his wife eliza elsby. would be grateful for any information.
Caroline Carruthers can be reached at
Added November 10, 2000

My name is Bob Caruthers and my Father's name was Roy Caruthers, and my
grandfather's name was James Caruthers.  I think my grandfather was from the
Clarksville  tn area.  My grand father and Dad moved to St Louis Mo around
1925.  I am new at this genealogy game so any help would be appreciated.
Bob Caruthers can be reached at
Added November 10, 2000

I am looking for information re Jane Carothers who md Samuel Neely ca 1788 in Mecklenburg Co. NC.  Were they the parents of Jance C. Neely who md Abraham Taylor ca 1812?  I'm trying to connect this family to Mary H. Taylor daughter of Abraham and Jane.
Loanne L. Rebuck can be contacted at
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I am looking for My grandfather Perry Carothers.  He was a husband to Mary, and father to three children, Mary, Shirley, and Lawrence Carothers.  Around the year 1944 Perry disappeared in the Chicago area along with his brother who was found shot dead in the Chicago river.  I don't know much information about my grandfather so anything at this time is grateful.  If anyone has any information on what happened to him or whether or not he is still living please contact me.  He has three grandchildren that really want to know their history and a gr-granddaughter also.
Colleen Caruthers can be contacted at
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I am searching for three Caruthers sisters:
Elizabeth "Betsey" b. 1818, TN, m. Nicholas Alexander McKenzie in McNairy Co., TN
Sarah "Sally" b. 1820, TN, m. Thomas Kendrick, b. 1815, McNairy Co. TN
Susan, b. TN, m. William Erwin Kendrick, brother of Thomas, McNairy Co., TN

Father's name is William and mother is Sarah. William was born in GA and Sarah in North or South Carolina. 

William is on the 1850 McNairy Co., TN Census. William is on the 1840 Wayne Co., TN Census. William may be on the 1830 Lincoln Co., TN Census. The sister's are on the 1850 McNairy Co. TN Census under their married names. William is age 65 on the 1850 Census which makes him born about 1785. I need to find William's parents and his wife's maiden name.

Ruth Ann Henderson can be contacted at:
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Looking for Carothers Family sources, Texas.  Have some current information on Carothers. Vinnie Lee and Cora Carothers, Austin, Texas. And all Carothers etc.
Marilyn Carothers can be contacted at
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I have done research on the Carruthers / Crothers name in Cecil County MD. and in Chester County PA with some in Baltimore County MD. A book of one of the families is about to be printed. Some members of this family moved from Cecil Co., to unknown locations. The other family is in the (bc) stage and will be put into the computer as soon as possible. I also have some names of people were in Cecil Co., MD before 1800 that are not in either book. They may have moved to western PA. I also have some information on Carruthers of Prince William Co., VA.  I also have some of the same information that is in Cumberland Co., PA
Rich Crothers can be contacted at
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I am searching for information on William Carithers, born 1754, died 1826 in Abbeville County, South Carolina, wife:  Mary McGowan.
Melissa Hathaway can be contacted at
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I have a John Andrew or Andrew John Carothers/Carouthers who married a Jane B. Pitts, the  daughter of Henry Pitts and Margaret G. Wright.  I have the following info:
born: 26 Oct 1836/ Oct 1838 in Pennsylvania or Illinois
married 29 Aug 1866 in McLean County, Illinois
died: 3 Nov 1911 in Miltonvale(?) Cloud County, Kansas
He had the following children:
Adda/Ada E.
Hattie/Harriet C.
Sarah who married a Thomas McNeil
John S/ John L/ John D/ or John Otis who may have married a Josephine LeBlanc

I would like to contact any Carothers/Carouthers who settled in Cloud County, Kansas. 
Deanna can be contacted at
Added July 4, 2001

I am interested in my grandfathers geneology.  His name was Andrew Truman Carothers, his mothers name was Edith Pauline Jones and his father,s name was Truman Walter Carothers.  Truman Walter Carothers father was R.S.
Carothers and his father was Andrew Coffee Carothers.  R.S. Carothers was married to Nellie Phelps.  I believe they originated in Texas but not sure.  Any information you may have I would be grateful as you can see I am new at this! I am the granddaughter of the late Andrew Truman Carothers he rests in Rosenberg, Texas.
Rebecca Hendrickson can be contacted at
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I am looking for info on my Gr-Gr- Grandmother, a Louise Carithers. Another spelling is Carrethers. She married a Pleasant A Randolph from Tn.They had 2 sons I know of ...Thomas Calvin Augustas Randolph born August 28, 1860 in Tenn. Also a son William. I don`t have any info on his b/date. Thomas was my gr-grandpa. He died in Indianapolis, In. Dec. 5, 1941. The mystery is this.. according to family folklore Pleasant was killed by "Morgan`s Raiders" at Look-Out Mountain I would guess around 1865. No one seems to know what happened to the boy`s mom Louise. They were sent to Delphi, Indiana and raised or "bound-out" as my dad and grandma called it by Louise`s sister a Rebbecca Carrethers. Another thing is as I have gotten into this genealogy I have found that Pleasant lived until 1918!! If it`s the same Pleasant Randolph. But, we still don`t know what has happened to Louise. So I guess I can say I`m also looking for any
info on Rebecca also.
Debbie Brooks can be contacted at
Added November 10, 1999

I have been told that the name CROTHERS, as well as CAROTHERS, is connected to the Scottish name CARRUTHERS of Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  The Crothers branches seem to have gone to Ireland and Cornwall.  My earliest find in Cornwall is in 1739 in Redruth.  Does anyone have any information on this CROTHERS/CAROTHERS/CARRUTHERS connection?
Kathleen Atwood can be contacted at
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I am looking for the family of my G-G Grandmother Mollie Carothers of NC.
She was married in Meck Co NC to William Brandon. She lived and died in  Gaston Co NC. She was born in Mecklenberg Co NC 23 Jan 1869 and died 24 Jan 1958 and is burried in Union Pres cem in Gaston Co. Her parents were Edison
Carothers and Sarah Thorne. In the 1880 census of Mecklenberg Co her name was listed as Mary L  and her father as Ad Carothers.
Butch Colding  can be contacted at
Added November 10, 1999

Newton Wallace Craothers b. aft. 1830 d. 1909 md. Lucretia b. 1836 d. 9 Apr 1925 in
Children Female Carothers m. Freeman W. Rust
             Female Carothers m. O.C.Reed
             Horace G. Carothers b. 1855 Huntsburg,Ohio d. 14 Oct 1931 in Chardon,Ohio
             Hershel A. Carothers b. 27 Dec 1867 d. 22 Aug 1931 Painesville,Ohio
             Howard Barton Carothers b. 7 Oct 1872 Claridon,Ohio d. 9 Sept 1963 Painesville,Ohio

Horace G. Carothers
Children: Wallace Carothers
              Female Carothers m. John Culbertson

Hershel Carothers m. Jennie Stafford
Child: Seigal Carothers

Howard Barton Carothers m. Harriet "Hattie" Lenore
Children:William A. Carothers
              Raymond Clarence Carothers m. Gladys M. Shaw
Children: Louise Francis Carothers
              Wilma Rae Carothers
              Dianne Mae Carothers
              Pamela Jane Carothers

Lois Hunsucker can be contacted at
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JoAnn Carothers Genealogy Page
I have been doing genealogy for close to fifteen years. I have traced quite a bit of both my family and that of my husband. Included on these pages are rough outlines of the main families that I have done research on. Obviously, I cannot include ALL of my information from those fifteen years.
JoAnn Carothers can be contacted at
Added November 10, 1999

I found the family in the Blair Co 1860 Census.  I found my g.grandfather Joseph along with his parents grandfather, and Joseph's siblings. It read like this:

William   Carothers   70 yrs  (William is Joseph's grandfather)
William   Carothers   40  "   (William & Anna are Josephs parents)
Ann       Carothers   38  "
Joseph    Carothers   11  "   (Joseph is my g.grandfather)
Jacob     Carothers    9  "
Margaret  Carothers    7  "   (jacob, margaret robert, elvira & baby jackson)
Robert    Carothers    5  "
Elvira     Carothers   4  "
Jackson Carothers      8/12   (8 months old. My g.grandfather is next seen in the 1870 Clearfield Co. Census when he & his wife, Alice Kephart are first married and have a 1 year old son, "John".
Joseph has an 18-20 yre old brother living with them. Joe & Alice lived in Osceola Mills in Clearfield County, Pa. and had 4 young children, when he died at not quite 31 years old, April 21, 1880. He's not noted in the next census, altho Alice, children & Jeopseph's brother Jacob is still there. Alice remarried 5 yrs later to a John Keller.
Dorothy can be contacted at
Added November 10, 1999

My GGGGGrandmother is Julia or Julie A. Carouthers,Carrouthers, born 1800s, in Noble Co. Ohio,her father is William Carouthers, her mother is Drucilla Swearingen.  She married Grandfather William Flowers which is my direct ancestor.  It is his parents that I am looking for.  If any one has any information on this line please give me a line or two.
Earl D Flowers can be contacted at
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I am not a CAROTHERS researcher but have a book "1891 Biographical History of Pottawattamie Co, Iowa" which lists a MRS. MARIA JANE (CAROTHERS) BARTON and a wonderful write-up about her, written by her husband at the time of her death.  I thought perhaps the information contained in this bio would help some Carothers researcher.

Reuben Barton, a native of Massachusetts, son of Nathan and Sarah Barton, was born January 9, 1812.  In the fall of 1867, having been married and "bereft of wife" twice, Mr Barton made a visit to Ohio, where he met and married on October 20, 1867, to MARIA J. CAROTHERS, the youngest of a large family of JOHN and BETSEY (SICKLER) CAROTHERS, John born 1774 and Betsey born 1778.
The father John died Feb 17, 1842, and the mother Sept 8, 1853 in Burton, Ohio. Here is the obituary that Mr Barton wrote for his beloved wife:
    "Mrs. Maria Jane Barton, consort of Reuben Barton, departed this life, September 10, 1890.  She was born in Phelps Town, Ontario Co, NY, Oct 19, 1818, and was the youngest of the numerous family of John and Betsy Carothers.  Her father removed to Burton, Geauga Co, Ohio, in 1832, where he died Feb 17-18, 1842.  She being the only unmarried one of the family, the care of her father during a lingering sickness fell upon her.  After his death, the care of an invalid mother who had become blind and helpless, devolved upon Maria until her mother's death, Sept 18, 1853, leaving Maria, at age 35, with feeble health and quite limited means.  By overwork in lifting her mother through a series of years, she had contracted a disease of the spine, from which she was a great suferer.  She was under medical treatment by eminent physicians for 11 years, when she was so much improved as to enter the marriage relation with Reuben Barton in the fall of 1867, and
came with him to this county where she resided until her death.  She was a great sufferer from sickness.  The change of climate improved her, but did not restore her to sound health.  In 1884 the removal to Weston for a time seemed to be beneficial; but in Sept 1887, she had a stroke of paralysis of the left side, from which she never recovered, although able to be about the house until the last fatal attack, which occurred August 9, 1890; she was then forced to bed, from which she never arose again.  She survived in great agony a month, ceasing to breathe Sept 10, when she passed peacefully away, and there passed from earth life one of nature's noble women.  Her sympathetic impulses knew no bounds; where duty seemed to call she was always ready, and to a sense of duty she sacrificed her health and life.  They laid
her tenderly to rest Sept 11, 1890."
Mona Knight can be contacted at
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My gggrandmother, Nancy Caruthers, was born about 1819 in Washington Co., TN.  She married Solomon Henry Kuhn on 14 Jan 1841, in Washington Co.  She had a sister who married a Barnes.  Nancy and Solomon moved to Laurel Co., KY, around 1851, where she died in 1888.
Janet Paxton can be contacted at
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Seeking any ties to a Francis Carouthers of cecil Co MD.  Do not know of early times but died 1803.  Married Ann Carr Steel (she may have been previously married to Archibald Steel) and had the following children Rachel m Nicholas Harper, Ann m Hugh McClintock, Leah m ___Perry, Elizabeth m William Alexander, Robert, Walter,Francis, Jr,John and possibly Lydia. It is believed that Francis was a tavern keeper in Cecil Co.  Have copy of his will but would
like to share and find out earlier info.
LFonde can be contacted at
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Am searching for the roots of my great-grandmother, Harriet B. Carrother's family.  She was born Sept. 29, 1830, in Madison Co., Tennessee.  In 1853 she married William James Woodell and they moved to Carroll Co., Mississippi, where they lived the remainder of their lives.  I do not know her death date or her parents' names.  Any information appreciated.  Would like to know if "Carrothers" is English, Irish, or Scottish.
Betty Catherwood can be contacted at
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Looking for any information or connections to Thomas CROTHERS, b. 1815, IRE, m. 1)Jane Lamb(d. Apr. 4, 1861; 2)Anna Hope.  Thomas, at some time immigrated to Canada, lived in Montreal in 1841, and in Whitby, Ontario in 1861.  He was the father of 24 children, including:
Francis (1841-1914) m. Sophia Churchill;  Thomas (1848-1921) m. Martha Fairbanks; John (1850-1936) m. Clare Fairbanks; James (1854-1913) m. Emma Sheldon;   George (1856-1944) m. Louisa Graff; Matthew (1843-?) ; Ellen (1858-?) m. George Stephenson; William and Charles. Son FRANCIS (FRANK) b. Feb. 20, 1841, Montreal; d. Mar. 23, Munising, MI.  M. Sophia Churchill.  Immigrated to Michigan from Reach, ON about 1878.  Children:  William (1861-1962)m. Lillian Trim; John (1862-1900) m. Flora Neff;  Louise (1865-1961) m. George Lee; Francis (1867-1955) m. Della Lee; Dennis (1871-1914) m. Caroline Mitchell.
"Daniels" can be contacted at
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I am looking for information on Olen Elgin CAROTHERS, Jr. (my father) who was born in Gaston Co., NC in 1915; his father Olen Elgin CAROTHERS, born in Mecklenburg Co., NC in 1891; and my grandmother Lida Mae SPAKE who was born in Cleveland Co. NC in 1891 also.  Both my grandparents died young, I believe my grandfather from electrocution and my grandmother from a heart attack.  My father was raised in Gastonia, NC by two spinster aunts.  Thank you for any help you can give me.
Please email me at
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Looking for information on the CAROTHERS line of: HOWARD JOSEPH CAROTHERS B: 1893 in Allegheny Co., PA, wife was AMELIA HAMILTON SKEWIS B: 1895 in PA. Howard Joseph's parents were: JOSEPH BROWN CAROTHERS B:?  D: Abt. 1934 in Allegheny Co., PA. and CLARA CHAMBERS. Children of HOWARD JOSEPH CAROTHERS AND AMELIA HAMITON SKEWIS were: Robert, Marion and Charles. Any help much appreciated and I am
happy to share!
Tricia Colcleasure Carothers can be contacted at
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I am researching Cecil Boal Carothers, my great grandfather. I have no record of his parents or siblings. He lived most of his life in Altoon, PA.  He lived 12/17/1879-7/11/1944. He worked for the Pennsylvania railroad as head ticket clerk. He married Laura Ruth Moore on 11/5/1913 at First
Presbyterian Church, Altoona, who I know died 8/21/1964. Laura Ruth Moore was the daughter of Martha Gailey and had 4 sisters (Jennie, Elizabeth, Jessie and Florence) and 3 brothers(James, Thomas, and William). Cecil and Laura had five children... James (my Grandfather), Fred, Charles, Richard, and Virginia(Ginny). If anyone could help I would appreciate it thanks.
Matt Beeken can be contacted at
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Looking for info on Rogers Carothers who came from Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was married to Sarah Penwell. I have lots of info. on the Carothers line to share.
Caroline can be contacted at
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Would like to share information with any descendants of Hugh Carothers Sr who died 1782 in Mecklenburg Co NC...wife was James, Robt, Esther, Sara...I'm from son Hugh Jr who md ?? I know little re: Hugh Jrs family other than two of his daus Susannah b ca 1790 and Tabitha b 1794 md Wm Walker and Joseph Wesley McCutchen in Madison County Alabama 1809 and 1813 respectively.
Larry McCutchen can be contacted at
Last updated on July 12, 1998.

Robert M. CRUTHERS b abt 1817 in Ireland md Jemima McKEEN in Clinton Co. Iowa July 16, 1845. There they had their 8 children:

Matthew CRUTHERS b May 1848 md Margaret ? & lived in Wisconsin (last
found in 1900 Bayfield, Wi. Fed Census.
Caroline CRUTHERS b abt 1849 who md DeWitt C. STAFFORD 30 Nov, 1871
Eulis CRUTHERS b abt 1849 (died as infant?)
Agnis CRUTHERS b abt 1850 (died as infant?)
John CRUTHERS b abt 1851
Adam William CARRUTHERS b Jan 1853 md Margaret HASKINS & lived in
Montana (my g-grandparents)
Jane CRUTHERS b abt 1854
Samuel CRUTHERS b abt 1856 who md Maggie CROWLEY 23 Apr 1884 in Eau
Claire, Wi.

I found Robert M. CRUTHERS with son, John, in Wyandotte Co., Ks 1870 Fed Census. I believe he & wife, Jemima, were separated and I don't find her in ANY census after 1860, although I do have a letter she wrote to her son, Adam, dated 1882 from Morrison, Grundy Co., Iowa.
Diane in California can be contacted at
Last updated on July 12, 1998.

I am researching my ancestor, Robert Caruthers, born ca 1762 in NC, married Elizabeth Patillo ca 1785, then migrated to Maury County, Tennessee between 1800-1807. He was the son of Robert Caruthers and Margaret Gillispie. Robert and Margaret were in Mecklenburg County, NC during the Revolutionary War. It is believed that Robert (husband of Margaret) was the son of James Caruthers. Other children of James were James, William who married Margaret McCorskey, John who married Sarah Neely, and Hugh who married Sarah Purviance. Is anyone doing research on this line? I would like to correspond you!
Rosamond Abel Crawley can be contacted at or
2406 RidgePointe Drive
Jonesboro, AR 72404
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My gggrandmother was Sarah Carothers who was married to Frank Ours. They had a daughter, Eliza May, born 1875 in Gallia Co., OH. She was married to J.G. Sims and died 1958 in Crown City, Gallia Co., OH. Can anyone help me with this line?
Bill Jordan can be contacted at
Last updated on Februrary 21, 1998.

I 'm looking for the parents or for any material concerning ROGERS CAROTHERS who was born around 1750 in Scotland, married SARAH PENWELL in the First Presbyterian Church in Carlisle, Pa. and who died Feb. 27,1794. In addition to his wife Sarah, ROGERS was survived by sons JOHN ROGERS CAROTHERS married to MARGARET McBRIDE and who lived in the Dickinson Twp. area of Cumberland Co. Pa. Also ANDREW CAROTHERS, married to MARY HAYES who later moved to Stronghurst, Ill. leaving a son ANDREW CAROTHERS, married to LYDIA FICKES who at the time of his fathers death was living in Cumberland Co.,Pa.ROGERS carothers was also the uncle of REBECCA CAROTHERS, who died in Cumberland Co., Pa. in 1800 leaving a son WILLIAM ORR. REBECCA CAROTHERS was the daughter of JAMES CAROTHERS, possibly JAMES CAROTHERS THE COOPER of Cumberland Co., Pa. JAMES CAROTHERS was also father to MARGARET CAROTHERS md. JAMES McCOMMON, ELIZABETH md. JAMES TURNER, JANE md. RICHARD STUART or STEWART, JOHN CAROTHERS eldest son, JAMES CAROTHERS, ESTHER CAROTHERS md. SAM TURNER, and ISABELL or ISABELLA who died intestate with no issue. ROGERS wife SARAH PENWELL CAROTHERS married JOHN LONGWELL after ROGERS death.
BIRDIE713 can be contacted at
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Hello, I am looking for any CAROTHERS that have a NY. connection. ALEXANDER m. Antonette Thorpe 1826. Alexander b. 1804. Ireland . Antoinette b. 1808 Orange Co. NY. They had a Daughter Mary b. 1836 in NY. She m. Stephen Jefferson in WVA. Does anyone have these names in their notes?
Michele can be contacted at
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Frank Cliston CAROTHERS, Stanberry MO 1880-1927, b. 1880 Roseville IL; my great-grandfather. Employed by Wabash RR, buried at Stanberry's High Ridge cemetery. He is buried near his father John Carothers (1846-1915), and his mother Mary Jane (Campbell) Carothers (1863-1923). John was a mason, a member of the Stanberry Methodist Episcopal Church, and a Civil War veteran from Ohio. Any related information, especially regarding the backgrounds of John and Mary, would be deeply appreciated.
Steve Hunter of Morristown, TN can be contacted at
Last updated on January 9, 1998.

Hi. My name is Ron Carothers. I'm looking for information about the Carothers genealogy in North and South Carolina. I'm just starting out with this and would appreciate any information you could give me. You can contact me at this web site. Thanks alot, Ron Carothers, Hickory, NC
Ron Carothers can be contacted at
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I have been researching the Carruthers name in Canada for about 6 years. I have several family trees on Carruthers. I am researching specifically William Carruthers, born in Scotland (Dumfries area) and migrated to Canada in 1840's. He bought a farm in Morewood Ontario where there are still Carruthers living today. If you have any info on this Carruthers line I would be most interested. Anyway, no matter how the nam is spelled we are all cousins.
Glen Carruthers can be contacted at Glen.Carruthers@Canada.NCR.COM
Last updated on January 9, 1998.

Looking for a Rogers Carothers born around 1750 in Dickinson Township, Cumberland County Pennsylvania.
birdie713 can be contacted at
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Samuel CARROTHERS (s. of George CARROTHERS and Jane WORKMAN) m. 30 DEC 1802, Washington Co., PA, to Mary DYE (d. of Enoch DYE and Rebecca LEET). Children: Elizabeth m. Edwin GRANT, Susan m. William DYE, m. 2nd Elijah LAKE, Jane Workman m. Jacob HOFFMAN, Rebecca Dye, George W. m. Catharine HALE, Mary m. Edmond RIDGEWAY, Samuel Leet m. Hannah IRWIN.
George W. CARROTHERS m. 8 DEC 1836, Richland Co., OH, to Catharine HALE (d. of Hugh HALES and Jane SIMPSON). Children: Mary Elizabeth m. Allen Humes BAKER, Lake W., Samuel H. m. Emma EMMINGER, John K., George W., Eddy, William Gaylord m. Sarah WALKER.
Samuel Leet CARROTHERS m. 10 NOV 1840 to Hannah IRWIN. Children: John, Emma, Fannie, Gaylord.
William Gaylord CARROTHERS m. 28 SEP 1871, Olney, Richland Co., OH, to Sarah WALKER. Children: Frank L., Jennie, Mary, Susie R., Willie.
More info at:
Allen Farquhar can be contacted at
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Archibalde Carothers b 1832 m Mary Jane Conwell 1854 d 1906 children Mary Ellen b 1856, James Thomas b 1857, John Lewis b 1860, Margaret Ann b 1868, Archie Baty b 1872, William Howard b 1880. James Thomas married Lumyra Minerva Vance in Guernsey County, Ohio and they moved to Sumner County, Kansas where they had the following children: Gailen Baty b 1881, Lemuel Thomas b 1883, Cora Mary b 1885, Roy Archibald b 1889, Everett Cleon b 1898.
Pat Carrothers Bean can be contacted at
or 23 Duvall Lane Bella Vista, Ar. 72714
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Looking for information re: Robert Carruthers m. Catherine Carmichael (Scotland) son, John left Scotland>U.S.>VA.
Nancy Esher can be contacted at
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James CARRUTHERS - possibly born in Scotland as he emigrated from Glasgow to Argentina, apprenticed as a shepherd. He married Mary GILMOUR. I don't know any birth or death dates, but I think his middle child (of 12) was born in 1884. If anyone has a missing James, information would be appreciated.
Julie Strube can be contacted at
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I am seeking information on my gggrandfather, Green Carruthers. He was listed in the 1850 census of Itawamba Co. MS. Green Carruthers was 32 and born in AL. His wife Lucinda was 23 and was born in AL. His children were John, age 7, b in AL; Nancy, age 5, b in AL; William, age 4, b in AL; George, age 2; Thomas, age 7 mo. Lucinda d 1851-55and the children were placed with family or friends. George Madison Carruthers, my grand father was living with the John L. Ewing family in the 1860 Itawamba Co. MS census. William and Thomas were with a Harriett Neilhous or Neibous in 1860. Any information on the parents of Green Carruthers or Lucinda would be appreciated. Also who did Nancy and John live with. I can share information about William, Thomas, and George Carruthers.
Jean Carruthers Old can be contacted at
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Seeking ancestry of my great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Carrothers, born about 1845 in Ohio. Andrew probably had an older brother named Archibald. Names of parents and other siblings not known. Andrew and Archibald were in Jackson County, Illinois, in 1862 and found on 1870 US Census in Harrison County, Missouri.
Last updated on May 6, 1997.

My family descended from Armstrong Carothers who was a private in the Revolutionary War. I would like any information about the family line that pre-dates the Revolution. It has been said that this family came to America very early. I would also like to know the family history relating to Scotland, why the family left, where they settled originally in America (during the Revolution they were in Pennsylvania), etc. Thanks for any help you can give
Wilma Immonen can be contacted at
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James Schubert Carothers B:4-14-1851 D:9-13-1931 M: Elizabeth (Lizzie) Lafara B:2-18-1862 in Ohio D:10-22-1934 They both lived in Acadia,IN. Were married in Noblesville,IN. His parents were Robert M.Carothers B:12-24-1805 or 1815 M: Henrietta Daughtery B:8-9-1819 D:11-24-1865 Would apperciate any leads you can give me.
Elizabeth can be contacted at
Last updated on February 20, 1997.

Seeking information regarding Ann/Annie Carothers, my G-Grandmother. Born 1842, Saxton or in Huntingdon co, PA. Married Abner Lloyd. Died 1927, buried in Elizabeth Cemetery, Allegheny Co. Pa. Known children: Agnes, Pearl, Annie, Henrietta, John , George, Abner. Any info would be helpful.
Barbara Nutty can be contacted at
Added on February 20, 1997.

I know very little about my Carothers ancestor, only that she was married to JOHN SMITH, that she was born abt 1780 in PA, and that she is buried in the graveyard in Florence, Washington County, PA. Her name was CATHERINE CAROTHERS, according to my gr-aunt. I can give much more information as to her children, if it would be useful.
Denzil D. Garrison can be contacted at
Added on February 12, 1997.

I am looking for info on CHARLES CAROTHERS, b. 1769 in either co. Down, IRL or Cumberland Co., PA. Family records say he was s/o JAMES (or WILLIAM) CAROTHERS. Mother - either ELIZABETH PATTERSON or ISABELLA ARMSTRONG. He md. MARGARET McDADE in Allegheny CO., PA.
Diane Owens can be contacted at
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On the 12th US Census taken 23 Jun 1900 at Ft. Yates ND is shown Corporal Perry CAROTHERS of D Troop, 1st Regiment, Cavalry; b Apr 1875 in Indiana, also the birthplace of his mother and father. Home address was 335 Columbia Ave or Cir, Indianapolis. He was discharged 23 Dec 1900 and m Hannah Lenore "Nora" GORE 16 Jan 1901 at or near Dale, Emmons Co, ND. To them was born a son Percy L CAROTHERS 25 Nov 1901 (d 10 Apr 1961). He married Violet OLSEN or OLSON and to them were born 3 sons and a daughter. Only the daughter is still living. Perry and Nora were divorced when Percy was about 3 yrs old. All attempts by Percy to locate his father failed. His mother, Nora, was my maternal grandmother, d 1948. If anyone knows what became of Perry, I would appreciate being able to pass the information on to my cousin, his granddaughter.
Violet Sunderland can be contacted at
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RAY E. HUDSON can be contacted at
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My Gr-Gr-Gr- Grandfather, Robert Carothers, was b.@ 1770 and married Penelope Penoyer. His son William was born 1800 in Sodus, Wayne Co., NY. William married Mary Thurston, b. 19 Nov 1804 in Easton, Washington Co., NY. they had Penelope, b. 1822, m. Wm. Sedgwick; Laura Lovisa, b. Nov, 1823; (died in MI at 17 years.); Clarissa Caroline, b. 14 Feb 1825, m. Benjamin Ostrander; William Valentine (My Gr-Gr-Grandfather,) b. 14 Feb 1826, m. Sarah Jack; Margaret, b. 26 Aug 1829, m. Wm. Comstock; Daniel, b. 1 Aug 1833, m. Malvina Bassett; and Robert Bruce, b. 3 Jul 1836, m. Hannah Simpson. Would like to exchange information with anyone interested in collecting Carothers information.
Arlene (Conley) Smith can be contacted at
Janet Jensen can be contacted at
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We are seeking information pertaining to John Otis Carouthers, b 3 Dec 1873, place unk., d 7 dec 1952, Miltonvale, Cloud Co.,KS. and wife Josephine LeBlanc Carouthers, b 28 Mar 1874, d 24 Nov 1937, Miltonville KS.
Dick & Kathryn Davis can be contacted at
Added on October 27, 1996.

John and Sarah Carothers -- John Carothers (b.1726-d.1783) married Sarah (b.1727-d.1798. They were married in Pennsvlvania 1783. Sarah moved to Mecklenburg County, N.C., after John's death. Children were Robert who married Margaret Scott, James S. who married Mary Neely, then Agnes Neely, John Carothers who married Mary Vance, William Carothers, Andrew Carothers who married Margaret, Samuel Carothers who married Jane Ware, Ezekiel, Archibald, Margaret who married a Sloan, Isabella unmarried, and Jean who married Samuel Neely. The first three sons are Revolutionary Patriots. I am interested in descendents of the third son John, my ggg grandfather, via his son David, his son David Jno, his son Samuel Ervin, his son Calvin Carothers. Robert and family moved to Marshall County Tennessee in 1806. James S. and family moved to York County, S. C. in 1803.
Also looking for Onzelo Carothers, the son of David Jno Carothers.  He served as an officer in the Spanish American War serving in the Phillipines.
Warren W. Carothers can be contacted at
Last updated on July 4, 2001.

William Carruthers, b. 1831 in Hillsborough, Down, Ireland, son of John Carruthers and Margaret Coltart (Coulter), married Mary Jane Wilson (b. 1838 in Drumerne, Antrim, Ireland, dau. of Samuel Wilson and Esther Stewart) on 13 July 1855 in Maryhill, Lanark, Scotland and died 11 June 1867 in New Kilpatrick, Dumbarton, Scotland.
William and Mary Jane had the following children: Esther, Agnes, Bruce, Samuel (b. 15 March 1859 in Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland), John Carruthers (b. 1861 or 2 in Dumbarton, Scotland), Mary Carruthers (b. 1862 or 3 in Dumbarton, Scotland), Sarah (b. 1863 or 4 in Dumbarton, Scotland) and Andrew Carruthers (b. 1867 or 8 in Dumbarton, Scotland). Following William's death Mary Jane married James McAlister and then Bruce Taylor.
Samuel Carruthers (mentioned above) married Jane Reid (b. 20 Feb 1862 in Knightswood, Dumbarton, Scotland, dau. of William Reid and Jane Easton) on 31 March 1882 in New Kilpatrick, Dumbarton, Scotland and died 11 April 1929 in Canton, Illinois, USA. Jane died 14 December 1933 in Canton, Illinois.
Samuel and Jane had the following children: Jane (d. 12 Sep 1960 in Canton, Illinois), Andrew, John (d. 23 March 1913), William "Dick" (b. 6 April 1886, Heirlithgow, Scotland ; d. 26 July 1956), Bruce Taylor (b. 9 October 1887, Scotland ; d. October 1918), Mary (b. 4 July 1892), Sarah (b. 23 May 1894), Esther (b. 8 July 1897 in Lotts Creek, Iowa), Agnes ( 1 February 1899)
Samuel Carruthers Bourke can be contacted at
Added on November 10, 2000.

I am searching for information on William Howell Carothers (born abt 1736) & Andrew Carothers (born abt 1780). Andrew is believed to have been born in Franklin, Georgia, but lived in North Carolina until moving to Tennessee around 1807. Please respond if you have any information that may be helpful.
Bill Carothers can be contacted at
Last updated on June 13, 1999.

A group of us are Francis McClintock descendants - either thru Hugh & Ann Carothers McClintock or other children. We are trying to find out more about Ann Carothers, d. of Francis & Ann Carr Carruthers - Ann, b. ca. 1750 in Cecil Co., MD, m. Hugh McClintock, son of Francis & Jane or Jean (Unk) McClintock. Ann d. Venago Co., PA after 1824. Would like to correspond with anyone researching this family.
Nancy can be contacted at
Added on March 27, 1996.

I am descended from Jane Carothers who married John McCandless in Antrim, Ireland and migrated to this country, eventually settling in Plumb Twp. Allegheny Co. Pa. I have no birth or death dates, but their children were born after 1770 in Ireland. Their children were Elizabeth, Jane, George, John, James and William. At least George and William moved to Butler Co. Pa.
Bill Roy can be contacted at

I am looking for my Caruthers ancestors. My greatgrandparents were James Lytle Caruthers and Mary Belle Foreman. Their children: Albert, Lillian, Norman, Leon (aka "Hubert"), Donald, Emily Ruth, and Lytle Foreman. As far as I know, all the children were born in Philadelphia, PA. James Lytle is buried in PA, MaryBelle in NJ. James' parents were James and Margaret Caruthers, both from PA.
Robin can be contacted at

I am searching for information on Margaret Melissa Caruthers b 10 Feb 1806, prob. NC, maybe Mecklenburg Co.?? or TN??? or ??? m 30 Jan 1828 TN, prob. Bedford Co. TN, to Ziza Morrison Ziza Morrison was b 20 Feb 1800 Cabarrus Co. NC d 9 Nov 1859 Benton Co. ARK The Morrison Family came originally from SCOT c 1740-50, lived in PA (place not known) briefly, and were settled in Mecklenburg (Cabarrus) Co. NC by 1770's. After immigrant's death, most of family moved Bedford Co. TN; Ziza and Melissa left Bedford c 1840-50 for Arkansas. Ziza could have met Melissa (and family?) in PA, NC OR TN. This branch of Morrison were staunch Presbyterian.
Frances P. Morrison can be contacted at

Looking for information on ROBERT CAROTHERS, Born Ireland, Died in mining accident about 1855 in Ireland, left widow; MARTHA McKIM, born Ireland died Nov. 17, 1884 New Galilee, Big Beaver Twp. Beaver, Co. Pa.; Children: JANE CAROTHERS ABT. 1837-1927 married ... WILLIAMSON; ROBERT CAROTHERS JR. 1839-1923, MARTHA CAROTHERS 1841- , married .... McKIM; (DIRECT LINE) ANGEL CAROHTERS, 1843-1917, married SAMUEL B. DUNAHAY, they died Allen Co. Ohio.; WILLIAM CAROTHERS 1846-1931
Paula Guisinger can be contacted at

I am doing my family research and I am looking for any Carothers, Carrothers information out of Michigan. John Clayton Carothers (Carrothers) B:2Feb1932 in Michigan D: Feb1980 in Michigan. Was married twice. Sp 1: Jackie Darlene Hensley of Hemet, CA in Riverside County, CA while he was stationed at March AFB in CA. Sp 2: I have no information about. If anyone might have any information please get in contact with me.
Russell Carothers can be contacted at

I am looking for information on the family of Isabelle CARROTHERS (m William Swindle) from Lisnaskew, county Fermanaugh, Ireland. She was born 13 Nov 1824 to John CARROTHERS and Dorcas Robinson. It has been said that there is documented proof that Dorcas lived to be over 100 years old. Would love to know if this is true. Isabelle's siblings were Eliza m a MONTGOMERY, Christopher m Ann Johnston, John m Margaret Fair, & Thomas unmarried killed at Gettysburg. The children came to the US in the 1850's. First to Alleghany PA then settling in Silver Creek, Delaware Co IA.
Susan Swindell can be contacted at

Have copy of marriage of Jesse F. Bainter to Lizzie Carruthers 1892. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carruthers had brothers and sisters totaling 11. Margaret, Jen were two of the sisters. Do not know the names of their parents. Location of the marriage was Glenwood, Pittsburgh, PA. Would like to learn names of her parents. Lizzie is the great-grandmother of Sylvia Campbell. In the 1920s Elizabeth (Lizzie) is in Los Angeles, CA in the Highland Park area. Jen's married name was Corbett. Living at 424 Mansion St. Pittsburgh, PA until 1956.
Sylvia Campbell can be contacted at

Robert Carothers (1765-1825), b Co. Antrim, Ire., d Jones Co.,GA. Wife was Jane (1761-1852), b Ireland, d Jones Co., GA. Their children included George, Andrew, Thomas, Nancy and Polly Jane. George was b 1787 in Ireland, m 1812 in GA, d 1861 in TX. He married Susannah Durham. His sisters Nancy and Polly stayed in GA and I do not know what happened to Andrew and Thomas.
I am searching for descendants of the slaves of George Carothers and his
sons of Washington and Lee Co., Texas.  I have gathered many names from
court records and family letters and have begun a database for these
Carothers' families.  George Carothers apparently moved to Texas with at
least Harry, Jane (Harry's wife), and Isham (Isam), who was a brother to
Jane.  I have names for part (maybe all) of their children, which come
from the Will and estate records, and have started working on the
grandchildren.  There are several personal stories in my family letters
which I would like to share.
Rena McWilliams can be contacted at
Last updated on November 10, 2000.

Samuel Carruthers m. Rebecca Moffett, b. Jan. 27, 1757, Augusta Co., VA, d. bef. Nov. 16, 1779. Daughter, Esther Carruthers m. Michael Woods on Aug. 7, 1795.
Michelle can be contacted at
Added on March 11, 1996.

Am searching for info about my ggrandmother, Mary E. GRIFFIN, daughter of Hugh and M.A. Griffin of Northern Ireland. She was born in 1860 in Ireland and had an aunt and uncle CARRUTHERS, so perhaps Jane M.A. was born CARRUTHERS. Can anyone help? Mary emigrated about 1880 and was visited quite frequently by her Irish relatives. One picture taken with them all in it was taken in 1899 on her Mother-in law's 80th birthday. She married Stephen G. Ballard of Syracuse, NY. Thanks!
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Massie Ann Carothers was born abt 1802 in the West Indies. At the time of her marriage she is listed as being from Baltimore, MD. But her family is said to be an 'Old' Cumberland Co. family. It is assumed this is Cumberland Co., PA though it may be Cumberland Co., MD. She married David Witherspoon 18 May 1830 at the Falling Springs Presb. Church, Guilford Twp., Franklin Co., PA This is where her husband was born and where her 8 children were born also. I have found another Massie Carothers but it would have to be her niece. This other family is interrelated with the Neely family, thought I can't connect her to them or any of them to the West Indies. Massie Ann Carothers died Oct 1876 and is buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Chamberburg, Franklin Co., PA. Her children are: James Elliot Witherspoon b. 1831, Mary Lucetta Witherspoon b. 1833, Sarah Elizabeth Witherspoon b. 1835, David Carothers Witherspoon b. 1837, Andrew Hamilton Witherspoon b. 1839, Ann/Anna Ellen Witherspoon b. 1841, John Willison Witherspoon b. 1843 (He was elected to the PA Legislature about 1904), and Emma Rebecca Witherspoon b. 1850. Would like any information known about her or her family - or a lead where to look for a Carothers family who had business in the West Indies in the late 1700's early 1800's.
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I am searching for information on Johnston Butler Carruthers, born in the late 1700's, probably in Liverpool, England and dying in Montreal, Canada. He was a Colonel in the British army. He had a son, Edwin Montague Carruthers b. 1805 in Liverpool, married Jane Cannon in 1833 and migrated to New Zealand in the 1850's. Their Liverpool born children were: Mary Catherine Carruthers b.1834;m.1883 in NZ to Robert Walshe Thomas Johnson Carruthers b.1837;m.1862 in NZ to Jane Membray, also m.1874 to Francis Woolley Ann Skelton Carruthers b.1841;m.1862 in NZ to Andrew Maney Jane Cannon Carruthers b.1844;m.1862 in NZ to William Martin John Butler Carruthers b. bef 1853;m.1874 in NZ to Kate McNarmara, also m.1886 to Adelaide Diamond Emily Amelia Agnes Carruthers b. 1856 in NZ;m.1873 to Robert Daniel Theresa Carruthers b. in NZ;m.1883 to George Yorke Any help would be appreciated
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James Neil Carothers b.5/15/1838 d.11/3/1908 married Edith Looker, b. 3/14/1810 d,11/5/1908 buried in double funerals in Pennsylvania. County unknown. 9 children--4 girls, 5 boys: Elmer George married Julia and 1 child, Otis Charles--unmarried, Alice Olive--married a Pearl or Berl Johnson and had 6 daughters, Irene and Anna are only known. Curtis Henry Carothers b. 5/21/1876, d. 11/30/30 married Elizabeth Wilmoth who was b. 3/20/1880, d. 6/4/1966 and had 5 children: Marian Lois b 11/28/04; Aneda Louise b. 4/3/06; Jeane Elizabeth b. 10/11/09; John Neil b. 3/13/12; Mary Evelyn b. 3/20/14. If you are connected please email me at Thanks
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William CARUTHERS (born about 1740 in NC? - Died 14 Apr 1808) married Marguerite MCCARTY. Their Children were: James CARUTHERS. Thomas CARUTHERS married 2 Jun 1804 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, LA to Claris GENAI. Sarah CARUTHERS (Christened 24 Apr. 1811), married to Peter Sutter. Mary CARUTHERS married Richard APES. Marguerite CARUTHERS married Jean BOUDREAUX. David CARUTHERS married 25 Oct 1793 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, LA to Isabel DUGAT/DUGAS. Their children were: Onesime CARRUTHERS who m. 12 Oct 1818 in St. Martinville, St. Martin Parish, Louisiana to Marguerite Emerante MOUTON (daughter of Jean Frederick MOUTON and Marie Anastasie CORMIER). Louise Corruthers (died 1 April 1813, succession 16 June 1815 St.Martin Parish, LA) m. 21 April 1812 to Francois BERNARD. The child of Francois and Louise, Marguerite Eurosie BERNARD (b. 8 Mar. 1813) m. 19 Oct 1829 (Lafayette, Louisiana Church) to Caliste (Coliste) LEBLANC. The child of Caliste and Marguerite, Louise LEBLANC m. Athenase (Athanase) "Tenas" COMEAUX. The child of Louise and Athenase, Caliste (Coliste) COMEAUX m. Ernestine ADDISON. The child of Ernestine and Caliste, Thea COMEAUX (b. 1900 Carencro, LA) m. Albert T. TRAHAN. The child of Albert and Thea, Albert J. Trahan, Jr. m. Mary Ruby "Ruby". The child of Albert and Mary, Judy Alice TRAHAN <---Me!
David Carruthers was the son of William Carruthers, b. ca. 1740 in North Carolina, by his wife Elizabeth Bickam or Bacon. I don't have much in the way of other information on him, other than the fact that William had another wife (don't know which was first) named Margaret McCarthy, by whom he had one daughter Marguerite who m. Jean Boudreaux.
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Robert Carothers-Father of John Carothers.  Have no further information on
him except he lived in Wayne County, New York.
John Carothers    b 1794  Wayne County, New york
                  d 1864  Knox County, Illinois  
Chidren: George W., Nancy, Elizabeth, Julia Ann, Olive J, Sarah, Thoma J, Mary Dilara and
Charles Carothers b1826   Wayne County, New York-My Great Grandfather
                  m1855   Crawford County, Pa   -Alfreda Ellis
                  d1915   Adams County, Iowa
Charles and Alfreda Carothers had the following children: 
Helen, John E, Anna, C. Gramt, Minnie G, Charles E, Bird, Milo, Fred and
Ford Mason - My Grandfather b1860 Knox County Illinois
                            d1930 Kelso, Washington
Ford Mason had the following Children:
Helen Elizabeth Carothers
Russell Ellis Carothers Sr. My Father b1896  still living
Russell Ellis Carothers Sr. had the following children
Miriam Ann Carothers
Russell Ellis Carothers Jr  b1922
In the eighteen eighty census the last name of Charles Carothers and his family in Iowa was spelled Caruthers.  All previous information was spelled Carothers as is all the material since the 1880 census.

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Books on the Carothers

A biography of Wallace Hume Carothers , b. 1896, d. 1937, entitled "Enough for One Lifetime", Wallace Carothers, Inventor of Nylon, will be published by the American Chemical Society, Washington, DC, late in March 1996. The book celebrates the centenary of the inventor's birth, April 27, 1996. The author is Matt Hermes.

I have been researching off and on for ten years the life and career of George Cupples Carothers, who was a U.S. consular agent resident in Torréon, Neuvo Leon, Mexico in 1910. During the Madero Revolution of 1911 he reported to the U.S. State Department on events there and elsewhere... During the Mexican Civil War of 1913-1915, Carothers was the U.S.representative and intelligence agent appointed to accompany the forces of Francisco "Pancho" Villa.He was born in San Antonio, TX, in 1878 and as a young lad was taken to Mexico, where he grew up muy simpatico; some of the more chauvinistic yanquis resident there considered him a "traitor to his race". Because he was U.S. consular agent, he was in place and because he was known to be friendly to the revolutionists, he was readily accepted by Villa as a compañero. GCC continued to accompany Villa until the Villistas' defeat in the spring of 1915 by Carranzista forces commanded by Alvaro Obregon. In the event, the Villistas were driven back to the Arizona border and his forces were finally dispersed after the Battle of Agua Prieta in October 1915. At this time the Wilson administration recognized Villa's opponents, the Carranzistas as the de facto government of Mexico.  After the defeat, Villa and a few hundred men, withdrew into the Sierras, to emerge on March 9,1916, making the Columbus Raid.  After Carothers left the Villista forces he continued to roam the border, while residing in El Paso, TX. It is not clear when he ceased to be an active intelligencer but he remained friends with Gen. John J. Pershing, who, before he had commanded the Punitive Expedition, had been the border patrol commander at Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX. They kept in touch until GCC's death. Subsequently, GCC's widow, Minna Hall Carothers, continued to keep in touch with Pershing until his death. I have mined the Pershing papers in the LC for all relevent materials on GCC. Minna Hall died in the 1950s.

Both Carothers are listed in the NYT Obituary Index. GCC 3 times. He even rated a front page article in the NYT. So many people came to his funeral that they had to stand in the street. All in all, a once popular and well-known man but now forgotten in the mist stirred up by subsequent events of the Great War and after.  GCC's early life and career is well documented in State Department personnel files, and his reporting and revolutionary career is well summarized in Larry Hill's Emissaries to A Revolution.

There are scattered mentions of him in both Obregon's and Villa's memoirs; the former did not favor him because he was considered to be on the other side, even though that was his assigned duty, and Villa, who seems by inference to have been influenced heavily by GCC in dealing with the crisis caused by the Vera Cruz occupation in 1914, and the English cattleman Benton's murder by Villa's right hand man, Fierro, would have been reluctant to publicly say so.
In the event, Carothers never returned to Mexico to live, and ended up by the twenties in New York City, where he was in business and married Minna Hall, a businesswoman in her own right.

In 1920 he was living in Rochester when he testified about the Columbus
Raid before the Fall Committee investigating Mexican "raids and

Carothers never appeared in the 1910 Census and was not important enough at the time of compilation to be included in a Directory of American residents in Mexico which is on Microfilm in the LC. GCC does appear in various NYC Manhattan Directories and in the 1925 NY Census but little detail is to be gained therefrom. I could not find him in any El Paso sources of the time except for an address.

GCC was married while resident in Torréon and had one son. But in accord with the custom of the time she is always referred to as "and wife". No record have I found gives her name. I had originally thought she had died, because several sources said she was sickly, and searched cemetary and death records for the period but when I got GCC and Minna Hall's marriage certificate, it stated GCC had been divorced. Although it is not really important to the story, I really want to find the first wife's name and what happened to her and the son. The obituary stated that he was in Buenos Aires, Arg., but a check of recent phone books revealed nothing of the name. There were supposed to be a brother or cousins in 1943 living in Mexico.

I intend to write his biography and want to fill in the last twenty years of his life and to find his personal papers, if indeed they still exist.

His existing reports in the National Archives reveal an intelligent and
hail-fellow-well-met type who enjoyed life and remained life long friends with many persons of renown.

*The watcher reference is to the Highlander TV series.
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